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Welcome to Edwards Chiropractic Office in Nampa , Idaho. At our clinic we strive to have our patients reach their full health potential through adjustments, nutrition, exercise, massage and essential oils so they can enjoy life again. We know that when your spine is aligned and functioning correctly, the nerve flow throughout your body will allow you to be healthy and pain free. Our Nampa chiropractor is gentle enough to adjust babies and yet strong enough to adjust tight and tense men. At our chiropractic center, our examinations are geared toward detection and correction of spinal and neurological problems. The procedures we use are therefore specifically selected for your spine and nervous system health.

Edwards Chiropractic Office

Edwards Chiropractic Office is located in an easily accessible area to both the city and easy access to the interstate. The practice is located at 974 W. Corporate Lane, Suite 101A. The office is located close to the Karcher Mall near the corner of Midland Blvd and Nampa-Caldwell Blvd.

At Our clinic in Nampa, Idaho we always encourage people to set up a consultation with Dr, Edwards and discuss any health issues that you may be suffering with and try to determine if any of the treatment methods we use can benefit you before trying drug, surgery or other intense medical procedures that are both risky and expensive. Over the 30 plus years of practice, Dr. Edwards has added nutrition, detox programs, PEMF therapy, laser therapy focusing on biofeedback and Electro Dermal Screening to measure skin resistence and balance the bodies electrical system. We have treated patients with allergies, sinus issues, food allergies, headaches, low energy, digestive issues, sciatic problems, anxiety, auto-immune disorders, and many other health issues with conservative treatments to aid the bodies natural immune system to heal itself.

Why Choose Us?

If you are searching for an office that focuses on individual care and impartial evaluations then you might be pleased with Edwards Chiropractic Office. We use a variety of evaluations and treatment to help with a wide variety of health issues. We work with all ages of people including children. Our primary focus is to educate you on how the body functions normally with focus on the brain and nervous system. Our treatment plans are designed to restore health and function to the body so the natural inborn wisdom of the body can heal itself. The treatment we use are geared at balancing the nerve system through chiropractic, dramatically restoring circulation through PEMF therapy, muscle and ligament strengthening through massage therapy, and overall health improvement through nutrition and detoxification programs. We always offer a free consultation with Dr. Edwards to discuss your health and issues.

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Edwards Chiropractic Office
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